A combination museum, library, and preservation space containing 30 collections and over 3000 works of born digital literature owned or managed by the Electronic Literature Organization, an international arts organization.

Working closely with the lead of the video team, Joel Clapp assisted with the project to help interview over a dozen artists for short documentary style videos, created animated content, and was the lead editor for the trailer team. He is currently a post-bacc research fellow for the Electronic Literature Lab, making more videos and content for The NEXT.

A pitch video of a proposed logo animation and matching video transitions. Logo design, animation, sound effects, and editing by Joel Clapp. Stock videos used for example, used with permission from Pexels.com.

"SmartSpa" was a project to pitch a product that doesn't exist. The team came up with an idea for an invention, in this case a smart technology powered shower, and created a hypothetical brand around it. Logos, a brand book, mock-ups, and interfaces were designed, along with this short explainer video. Video, animation, and audio by Joel Clapp. Mock-ups and UI designed by Lindsey Barber. Original logo design and brand book by Jacob Cook

A short biographical documentary focusing on the experiences of New York based writer and game designer, Chris Mahon. Footage was used with permission from Chris Mahon and photos were taken by Dusty Rebel. The interview was performed by Joel Clapp. Footage and other assets were composited in a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and After Effects by Joel Clapp. (2020)

Interpolate is a short adventure that follows two squabbling chess pieces as they fall off their chessboard and into a cross-dimensional portal. Now stuck in a board game they are unfamiliar with, they fight the environment and each other on their quest back home.

Animation, modeling, & texturing for the "Table Scene" and "Snakes & Ladders" scene by Andrew Thompson, as well as general editing, compositing, and sound design. Candyland scene environmental layout, texturing, & lighting by Joel Clapp. Candyland modeling by Joel Clapp with assistance from Quinn Tran. Candyland animations by VyAnh Le (0:47-1:14), Andrew Thompson (1:14-1:17), and Joel Clapp (1:17-1:48).

Chess piece SFX - BiancaBothaPure (freesound.org)

"Final Fight" and "Just Follow" - Dark Fantasy Studio

Scuba was written, modeled, animated, and edited by Joel Clapp. 3D models, environments, and animations were made in Autodesk Maya and rendered in the Arnold renderer. 2D animations were made in Photoshop and After Effects. Combining 2D and 3D animation elements into a single animation and featuring atmospheric editing were done in After Effects.

"Intruder" is a comedy-horror short film that relies on continuity editing and other methods of non-verbal storytelling to convey its narrative. It was a solo project made in one night, filmed, edited, composited, and acted by Joel Clapp.

"Vampires Get Cold, Too" is a comedic animated short about vampires struggling in the winter months. This solo project by Joel Clapp uses frame-by-frame animation as well as procedural animation and 3D animation, with illustrations made in Adobe Photoshop and composited/animated in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro, audio mixed in Adobe Audition.

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